Jain Heritage | CBSE School in Belagavi

CBSE School in Belagavi

Jain Heritage | CBSE School in Belagavi
CBSE School in Belagavi


To create naturalistic & holistic development of students that empowers & inspires our students in leveraging the best practices of both traditional & contemporary schools of education.

CBSE School in Belagavi


To impart a student-centric learning environment to develop leadership qualities, self-discipline & self confidence through unique approach, to achieve students excellence in academics, co-curricular activities & sports.


We are the Jainites, say hello hey hello

Cheer the green blue, cheer the purple, yellow

We dream big, smile wide, and persist mellow


Where the seeds of ethics, and knowledge are sown

We go to the school, that taught us right and wrong

Respect, discipline, integrity, sympathy

Our hearts are filled, with courtesy and empathy


Let’s play the anthem, with love and pride

For the school where we learn, the lessons in stride

We shall rise high, we are the Jainites,

The torch bearers, and those that ignite!


We promise to mark, our footprints and shine

All the Jainites, let’s say hello hey hello 

All the Jainites, say hello hey hello……..

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