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CBSE School in Belagavi

Jain Heritage | CBSE School in Belagavi


"Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend. Furthermore, Jain Heritage School conducted a refined session on the perks of making civil services a wise career choice. Moreover, Jinendra Khanagavi was the chief speaker for the day, who was appointed as DSP in 2006 and is now working as SP ISD (internal security division). Before joining police services, he was coaching students for civil service exams. So far, 170 IAS/IPS/IRS, 450 KAS, and 600 plus PSI aspirants were guided by him. Additionally, Jinendra Khanagavi's session at Jain Heritage School underscored the paramount importance of wisely investing our most precious asset: time. As someone with extensive experience in civil services, he passionately advocated for early career decisions and leveraging available resources to maximize potential. Finally, his message resonated with the students, emphasizing the critical nature of sincere and informed career choices in expanding their horizons for future success.


Jain Heritage School Belagavi emerges high as a beacon of hope and compassion. Furthermore, JHS staff and parents visited the Shahapur Lions dialysis centre on 07th March 2024 and extended financial support. Moreover, JHS initiates parents' visits to the centre to harness the power of donation among the parent community. Additionally, this centre, started since 2018, is one of the active centres and is headed by The Lions Club International. It renders service to the underprivileged kidney failure patients and treats nearly 20 patients daily. Finally, this visit promoted a sense of empathy and helped to bridge the gap between the privileged and underserved society.


"Finding your passion is key to your success." Furthermore, Jain Heritage School Belagavi conducted a career counseling session on 24th Jan 2024. Moreover, we at JHS aim to identify the real potential of the students, guiding them towards the right career path and also making them aware of the importance of making the right career decision before they choose an academic stream. Additionally, Jain Heritage School acknowledges the importance of the right career choice and hence conducted a workshop for grades IX, X, and IG2 students. Finally, the chief speaker for the day was Mrs. Faridah Amin Saith, who laid down a beautiful trajectory for the students to make a wise career choice. She focused on the world full of new opportunities and wider horizons to niche career skills.

Joy of Giving

Charity is a beautiful expression of compassion. Moreover, Jain Heritage School, Belagavi extended a helping hand towards contributing to Gangamma Chikkumbhimath Child Welfare Centre, Belagavi, to celebrate the "JOY OF GIVING". Additionally, JHS staff and students visited the centre on 29th Dec 2023 and donated toys, stationery, and other educational resources gathered by them. Furthermore, the chief officer of the centre explained the students the motto of their organization and its smooth functioning, which made students inquisitive to know more details. Finally, it was a heartfelt gesture that made a significant impact on the lives of vulnerable children. This contribution brought smiles, hope, and a sense of belonging to these young souls, shaping a better tomorrow for them.


The Bharat Scouts and Guides Karnataka District Association Belagavi, in association with Jain Heritage School, Belagavi, is hosting the National Rover/Ranger Carnival from the 21st to 25th of December 2023 at Jain Heritage School, Belagavi. This event is being conducted under the guidance of Mr. P. G. R. Sindhia, state chief commissioner of BSG Karnataka, and the leadership of Mr. Gajanan B. Mannikeri, Vice President of BSG Karnataka and Dist. Chief Commissioner Belagavi. Moreover, this event is being led by Mrs. Surekha Shrivastava, Deputy Director of National Headquarters, New Delhi. Additionally, the National Ranger/Rover carnival was inaugurated by Shri Basavraj Horatti, Chairman of the Karnataka Legislative Council. Furthermore, the gathering was given a warm welcome by Shri Gajanana Mannikeri, Dist. Chief Commissioner Belagavi. Moreover, the carnival was graced by the presence of Shri B.H.M Darukesha, Scientist and associate director ISRO, HQ Bangalore, and Mrs. Shraddha Khatawate, Director of Jain Heritage School Belagavi. Following a heartfelt welcome dance to welcome the dignitaries, the event was proceeded by Shri Basavraj Horatti’s address about his life and the discipline that had made him reach heights in life. The day witnessed colorful folk dances, and eminent scientist Shri B.H.M Darukesha enlightened the crowd about the future aims and ambitions of ISRO, expressing a vision where they aim to see an Indian lady put rangoli on the moon. Towards the end of the program, Mr. P. G. R. Sindhia expressed gratitude towards the institute for providing a platform to the Rovers and Rangers for a national-level Carnival. The eventful day was concluded with a vote of thanks by the director of The Jain Heritage School, Belagavi, Mrs. Shraddha Khatawate, expressing sincere gratitude towards the dignitaries for their presence throughout the event. Lastly, the things learned in the open air and the experiences and memories made with strangers decide the course of our attitude towards new learnings. This event stands as a testimony to new learning and better memories.


“Jigyasa” Life skills are essential abilities that empower individuals to navigate the challenges of daily life effectively. They encompass a wide range of practical and interpersonal skills, including communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and adaptability. Moreover, life skills extend beyond academic knowledge, playing a crucial role in personal development and success in various aspects of life. Furthermore, "Jigyasa" life skills are the building blocks of personal development and success. Additionally, fundamental life skills like stitching, first-aid, and basic cooking empower individuals to navigate life’s challenges with confidence, resilience, and a holistic understanding of themselves and the world around them. Finally, incorporating these skills into education and personal development initiatives is essential for fostering well-rounded individuals capable of thriving in diverse and dynamic environments.

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