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Nurturing the Generation of Today

to Lead the World Tomorrow

Software Based Labs

Our school’s labs utilise the latest software to conduct experiments and analysis, and record results, so teachers can monitor student progress. Students are encouraged to use our software to perform simulations that would otherwise not be possible in the traditional academic environment. We ensure that our students have access to specialised e-learning modules to give themselves a leading edge in contemporary society.

Digital Library

The digital library allows JHS students to access a wider range of educational materials than what is conventionally available in the school library, through a digital archive of print and electronic media. The digital library expands our students’ scope of experience and brings the work of prominent authors, old and new, into the educational mix.

E-Content in Smart Boards

Select classrooms across JHS campuses are equipped with Smart Boards, which provide our teachers the ability to teach in a dynamic and interactive way. Several research reports suggest that the use of smart boards stimulates interactivity and collaboration, while promoting creativity and learning across the curriculum.

Detailed Assessment (DA)

A topic-wise diagnostic tool, DA aims to assess the level of comprehension of a topic among students and provide immediate feedback to teachers in order to proactively improve student performance. Detailed reports are generated at an overall level, enabling teachers and coordinators to identify gaps in learning and take immediate remedial action.