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Holistic Educational Approach

School Discipline Policy

The school discipline policy operates in the context of the school’s Code of Conduct and reflects the ethos of the school. We are a caring community with a sound value-base. We believe that rewarding good Behaviour and providing encouragement promotes a climate of consideration for others in tapping the potential of the child. JHS strongly endorses positive disciplining.

  • Play safe, be kind, responsible, courteous and decent.
  • Respect other’s feelings- no teasing, nick naming, making fun of others, back biting, bullying, using abusive language or using any form of violence against fellow students.
  • Misbehaviour or indiscipline in the bus.
  • Students are not allowed to carry mobiles, camera, i-pod or personal hygiene products.
  • Use polite words and a respectful tone of voice.
  • Be responsible by taking care of your belongings and the school property.
  • Communicate only in English in the school premises.
  • Be punctual failing which appropriate action will be taken by the school authorities.
  • Be smart and neatly dressed.
  • No running around, playing or shouting in the corridors.
  • Don’t bring valuable items or wear gold ornaments. School will not be responsible if lost.
  • Water and electricity is precious, do not waste them.
  • Keep your premises and surroundings clean.
  • The morning assembly must be attended by all students of the school.Late comers without excuse from the parents will be sent back home.Habitual late coming will be viewed seriously by the School Authorities.

School Uniform Policy

It plays an extremely important part in helping the children to develop a sense of identity with the school and in helping us to achieve the standards of work and behaviour we all wish for.

School Tum-Tum(Bus)

  • Pick and drop points are decided by the school authority. No deviation will be entertained from the planned route.
  • Students to reach well in advance to the pickup point .The Tum-Tum will not wait for the late-comers.
  • In case of child remaining absent or discontinuation of Tum-Tum the school office must be informed well in advance.
  • Doorstep drop facility by the attender will not be provided.
  • The facility will not be provided on state & central Government Holidays.
  • The facility is extended only to the ward. Parents are not allowed.