Holistic Educational Approach


This program operates at 4 progressive levels. Early years, pre fundamental. Basic fundamental and advanced fundamental for age groups between 2 years to 5 years. The curriculum developed is based on age specific learning outcomes and helps children explore in multiple ways.

Primary and secondary school

This primary school program for grade 1 to 12 th is built upon the natural curiosity and injury that children exhibit at this age

Our commitments

JHS aims at transforming the class room from a place for teaching to a space for learning. The teacher are essentially facilities who allow each learner to discover their full potential . wide range of learning technique are employed in the class. All these new learning methods aim at making learning fun, enjoyable and a joyous activity.

Digital classroom

JHS in association with tata edge has introduced digital classroom to help teacher deliver high quality instructions with an effective blend to classroom activities and interactive multimedia activities. The presentation and animations create active learning environment for better grapping of knowledge.

CCE Pattern

We conduct activities such as group discussion, presentation, role plays, model making and experiments. These no only build academic skills but also engage the learner and help him or her to develop life skills and confidence, communication, and team work. Paper and pen evalution mehod is also followed.